Our moisture trap funnel system which compliments most of our aquarium Super Feeders is a patented flake food delivery method that we are describing herein for informational purposes only.

Our moisture trap funnel only comes with the ASF-1 Aquarium Super Feeder.  That very simple gadget is the key to keeping moisture away from our Super Feeders, particularly when dispensing flake food.  The funnel can be installed on a temporary or permanent basis, the latter being preferred by most people.  It is called a "moisture trap" because, when installed as directed, moisture cannot access the food within the feeder; it allows complete sealing of the water area (normally covered with glass or plastic) except for the small area within the funnel itself.  The neck's required opening is  3 1/2" x 5/8".

The smaller end of the rectangular funnel points upwards through the aquarium's cover and the larger, angled, wider end, which is cut to proper length, protrudes into the water by 1/2".  That section MUST remain into the water at all times to prevent moisture within the aquarium's upper area from escaping through the funnel and into the space next to the feeder's chute.  The funnel has a reach of 2  1/2".   Normally, the distance from the water to the glass cover is within 1 to 2 inches.  You may make your own funnel extension from thin plastic if ours is not long enough.  You could also make a longer one shaped like a small gutter. 

The use of the funnel may not be required depending on your type of installation, the type of food you are dispensing (pellets), and the level of "open air" moisture content around the feeder.  With flakes, the use of the funnel is highly recommended.  Also, by sealing the top of your aquarium directly above the water level, moisture from evaporation will be returned into the tank and water loss will be minimized.  Furthermore, water pollution by uneaten food has been proven to be considerably reduced due to the fact that the fish will more readily eat the flakes as they slowly fall from the funnel at regularly programmed intervals. It will also help keep food away from skimmers.

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Again, depending on your aquarium installation (low moisture generation), the position of your feeder and the type of food you are feeding (pellets), you may be able to do without the moisture trap funnel.  If you decide to experiment feeding without the funnel, place the feeder at the side of your aquarium opening (the smaller the opening the better) so that the feeder's chute is about 1/2" from the edge of the opening.   Many of our tests were successful, however, in order to guarantee our product, we strongly recommend using the funnel when dispensing flakes.


Installation on large tank Example:



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