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Want to see a cool video how a pet can be trained with a Super Feeder"  click on this YouTube video from a past customer (system designed by customer).

Trouble sleeping in the morning because your pet wants to be fed?  Well, here's the answer to your problem!

Original Super Feeder® by Super-Feed Enterprise serviceable for years to come!  It has been manufactured in USA and sold globally for 27+ years!  Most versatile and multi-purpose small pet feeder you will find for indoor or outdoor use!  Search and see how many other feeders offer such an array of operational options! 

The future is here!  Interested in home automation system to operate your Super Feeder via voice command using Alexa® Echo, Google Assistant? 

You may also control your Super Feeder from anywhere using a Wi-Fi plug.  You can use a Smart Phone, iPad or android devices with our available Wi-Fi Socket.  If you can turn on a lamp remotely, you can operate the Super Feeder®.  Check out Wi-Fi aquarium fish feeder or  our cat feeder Wi-Fi combos

Why a Super Feeder?  Just one of many reason above! For cat lovers, click pic to take you to Lingvistov.com website.

A well fed pet is your best friend!!  Picture of "Puma" top center is shared with us by Kristie Russell (click on pic).



Easy and minimal type protective installation for outdoors depending on wild animals roaming around. Far right, CSF-3 with only 1 clear extension installed (2 supplied).

Here is simple way to install Your cat Super Feeder on your outdoors porch and keep them from eating all your cat food!  All it takes is about $6.00 worth of parts--an aluminum (preferred) or vinyl gutter  down spout (about 16"), a couple of straps, and an elbow (example).  We recommend a metal gutter because it's very easy to cut with tin snips, can be stretched and bent to suit, and most of all, it will help make it small animal-proof like rats and raccoons.  Gutters are also available in brown color and vinyl material.  The set-up displayed above is using the CSF-3XL.  The CSF-3XL is supplied with the 1.5 gallon hopper, which can supply up to 1.8 gallon of dry food if used with two of the feeder's supplied clear extensions--One is recommended as displayed to see when the food gets low.  Helpful tips for gutter installation, if food bounces out of bowl when coming down:  Squeeze together the bottom end of the gutter to slow-down the food as it comes down, or place the end close to the bottom of the bowl, or slip a piece of sock over the end.  If you have animals like raccoons around, be sure to also protect the wiring and rubber plugs at the side.  Square 1/2" hole type chicken-wire protection wrapped around the very bottom part is highly recommended against raccoons.  For very best protection of your investment, enclose the whole unit like many other examples here from past customer. 

Clear enclosure above, sold by MeowSpace®, is yet another way to only allow certain pets to go in and eat   (click on picture or link to take you there)




Web-Enabled PC, Phone or PDA? Check out SmartHome systems at:


You may also control your Super Feeder from anywhere using your Smart Phone with our Wi-Fi Socket or even Xfinity Home accessories like a camera, etc...

The set-up above is an indoor option and comes complete with custom stand (12"x10" base with 21" tall feeder).  You can purchase it as shown with up to 1.8 gal. capacity, as a quart setup, without the stand and bowl (metal bowl no longer available), or as a complete combo with a timer of your choice.


This chute protection device (left) was optional on early model cat feeders and slips into the chute opening to prevent a pet from sticking paws into the chute.   All present cat feeders now include a chute cover installed on a new housing with larger chute opening.  Second right, our most popular combo deal #18A (one of many combo deals available) comes complete with a very easy to program external analog timer, which can provide up to 48 feed cycles per day.  Click on that combo picture to purchase it or view many other combos.  Limited on space?  Two pictures at right demonstrate how a customer exercised his ingenuity to install his Super Feeder with minimum space available (between washer and dryer).  He used one extra 2-Cup clear extension to increase the feeder's capacity to keep from having to use the larger hopper, which would not fit in that space.

Want to see a real chute cover test video from a past customer with a real naughty large cat?



How does it work Common questions






Ingenious set-up made with bucket by Steven Cappon.  Far right from the UK, Elena's own feeder mounting stand for her beloved Oscar the cat!

Says Steven, "Attached is the hopper/holder feeder tray I built. Aside from a few screws, rivets and a block of wood the only material I used is the square buckets and lids I get my kitty litter in. It was a fun project."


Above, perhaps one of the best ways to raccoon-proof the Super Feeder!! Shared with us Elise guidoux and Chris Diebold, Johnstown


Unique protective method shown (three to the right) above by Francois booyse using a large container!  Let's see raccoons try to get to this one!!

YouTube - Cat Feeder in trash can



Click here for source of plastic pipe kits

Interesting original set up shown above shared by Jason Covert and splitter device far right by John Humphrey, Valencia, PA.


Very interesting and ingenious set up above by Tricia Burch using a dedicated door system by Petsafe to control meal size for individual cats. System available from http://meowspace.biz/ .  Click on the far right picture for the "Best Award Winning Outdoor Setup" by Bill Warren!


Above left:  Original setup shared by Jared Banyard. His recipe:

"Drain/2" Pipe to 2" Pipe/5-Way 1" Distributor Piece can be purchased by visiting this page.

Then just rigged the super feeder to 2x4 and 1" piping."

Above Center:  How about "Billy" the bunny rabbit?  How cute is that little guy?  Custom set-up by Paul Greenwood of Bristol,  England, UK

Above Right by George J. Quintero:  Installation inside an old aluminum cooler/Bar Aid--click on pic.


By Shaw Thomas from Edmonton, Alberta Canada:  Above elaborate indoor custom installation created using the basic CSF-3XL for multiple cats.  Solid and intrusion-proof ! You may click on this link for a source of pipe kits.   Click on any picture. 

Far left two examples above shared with us by Steve Westbrook (engineer) from Glendale, AZ.

Three boxed-in examples above are generously shared by Archie Logsdon! For additional info about his setup: losthillsmusic@gmail.com

Another ingenious set-up kindly shared with all of us by

Dan Stavis
San Jose, CA

 Keeps rowdy pets or maybe even destructive raccoons away from his investment!  No messing with these feeders allowed!


Left:  Another very unique in-home installation using a cabinet!  Click on picture for more detailed info.

Center: Interesting rig by David Schmidt to feed multiple cats using the basic CSF-3XL combo 20.

Far right above, a split bowl is available which will fit on the super feeder stand base.




At left: Best Setup above for two pets with Combo #24--both CSF-3 feeders triggered at the very same time!  Deal 25 Comes with CSF-3XL's

Even three feeders can be installed as shown above by previous customer (could be triggered with one timer and power strip).


Custom set up at right shared by Ivan Salamon from Canada: Two "basic" CSF-3's are being used mounted to a cat play-stand.  Click on left picture for more details.


Pictures above are being shared with you, courtesy of Brian Jalet.  For feeder protection, his very neat and functional custom-made installation uses a toy box. Second from right, neat installation in a Rubbermaid 30 gallon container with lid by Jim Lucas (click on picture for details).  Far right, Shared with you by one of our past customers, Lisa Hecht, a very nicely done outdoor protective enclosure set up for her CSF-3XL, 12VDC DT-03 Timer.

Very tough customized varmint-proof installation example using a metal protective/collector box shared with us by a past customer

Special customized dog house with Super Feeder shared by a customer


      Protective wood enclosure shared with us by Jodi Miller at left and battery setup at right by other customer. click on pick to enlarge


Fine example of customized outdoor installation using the CSF-3 with two clear extensions. Far right, Pit Bull with indoor CSF-3 Deal 17A

Below: Three pics of installation shared with us created by Jason B. (customer).   Very neat setup!


CSF-3 Super Feeder webcam monitor system video by customer

You may control your Super Feeder from anywhere using your Smart Phone with our Wi-Fi Socket or via voice command with Alexa® or Google Assistant, etc...



Our  CSF-3 Super Feeder® is the answer to assist you in feeding your cat, small dog, or other small animal while home or away from home.  Its cost will be quickly recovered by eliminating boarding and related hassles.  If installed outdoors and you have raccoons, we strongly recommend protecting the open chute area where the food comes out.  The feeder can be enclosed or the chute can be protected with a "guttering" system as shown above.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For very best performance, small 1/4” round kibbles are recommended and guaranteed to work after having been well proven over years of use in our Super Feeder®.  Most cat food kibbles even up to 5/8" diameter will work fine but with reduced portion accuracy.  Flat kibbles can produce slightly reduced accuracy.  To protect your pets against any possible contagious diseases, we do not sell "used" feeders on our store.  You may review our warranty policy for details.

One advantage the Super Feeder® has over the competition is that it can also be used outdoors under a covered patio and your pet will not be allowed to over-eat or loose its food to other animals during the night, which are commonly reported problems... The Models above will only allow a pre-adjusted amount of food (that you set) to be delivered once or several times a day at programmed intervals using an external timer to trigger and power the feeder's electronic/mechanical feed system.  All models can also be adapted to feed other small animals as well.  Our Super Feeder's  most unique feature over other feeders is that it can serve anything from a very small to large portions (a few pellets to cups) many times per day, depending on the chosen external  programmable timer's quantity of on-off cycles.  A special bowl and stand comes with some indoor combos.

Very important facts you should know about automatic feeders.

The most common problem in most feeders on the market, particularly "pretty" square shaped ones, is food "bridging" or "rat-hole" problem.  With "bridging," stationary kibbles pack themselves on top of each other and do not drop through, especially in a square container type feeder.  Someone has to occasionally shake or kick the feeder to make food drop down to be caught by a common "auger" system (most common in most feeders) in order to "make" the machine dispense food.  A "rat-hole" occurs with the same basic problem where food stacks around the outside wall of the inside of the feeder's reservoir causing a hole in the center, thereby causing the same problem as bridging. 
Our Super Feeder does not use an auger system to capture and expel the food out of the feeder.  It uses a roller/drum and baffle system that causes constant motion within the machine to prevent the above stated problems common in other feeders, and it is not square shaped.  That system will also not bind up on kibbles possibly damaging the gear drive and causing food not to come out. The click-clack sound if produced by a slide shaker mechanism to accomplish several things:  Along with the roller and flexing internal baffles, it adds a much needed extra motion within the feeder to particularly prevent "bridging" and  larger food from clogging the outlet.    The best way to make sure your food will not clog up is to use recommended kibbles or use the trial-and-error method for proper size/shape.


                                         Left: ACDT-36 Dual outlet 7-day digital timer with dual outlets to trigger two feeders at the same time if needed (style may vary).  Center:  The ACDT-20 Super feeder Digital timer with seconds (very rare) for easy synchronizing of two timers if needed to trigger two feeders at the same time in separate rooms or to by-pass the feeder's own feed timer. Right:  ACAT-23 Super Feed's easiest to program analog timer with 15 min. tabs to provide up to 48 daily feed cycles 30 minutes apart (style may vary).

So, you say you have a mischievous cat that likes stealing food from the other?  Not a problem, just use two feeders and the 2-outlet 7-day digital timer above, and let's see what he'll do when they both trigger simultaneously!  Many customers also use this timer to operate a cat's Drinkwell water fountain at the same time the feeder is triggered to encourage their cat to drink at meal time.    This timer comes with the combo deal #24 dual feeder set-up, or you may order it from our online store.

Each CSF-3, CSF-3XL  Super Feeder® comes with a  low voltage adapter (for your pet's safety) with a six foot cord ( the power adapter can also be fitted with a two conductor wire to reach your feeder) and complete installation and operating instructions.  Each "basic" feeder package holds over a quart and comes with two 2-cup hopper extensions and a power adapter.  You can purchase a larger set-up with a 1.5 gallon hopper as pictured above.  Two hoppers could even be stacked together for up to 3.3 gallons (39 inches tall).   The feeder can also be mounted to a wall, garage 2x4 stud,  porch, etc...  The only additional item you will need to operate (trigger) the feeder's own adjustable internal feed timer is any basic 120V  analog or digital lamp/appliance programmable [timer] that you may already have in your possession.  If you do not already have one, you can purchase one from us.  You may choose from a variety of combo deals which will include a timer of your choice. The cat feeder can be installed outdoors when choosing the correct package and properly protected from wild animals, especially raccoons, as depicted above by various customer pictures.  We recommend some type of overhead shelter (porch) to keep the rain out of the bowl.  Do not use our indoor stand and bowl outdoors.




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All Super Feeders have been thoroughly tested and found to be extremely dependable in providing your pet(s) with timely meals; however, as with any machine, your feeder should be monitored at regular intervals for proper operation. If you anticipate being away for an extended period of time where a lack of food could cause harm or even death to your pet(s), you should make arrangements with someone to inspect your feeder at regular intervals.

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