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ASF-1 Aquarium
KSF-2 Koi-Pond
CSF-3 Cat/Small Animal


Multi-purpose automatic feeder for timed distribution of most dry pet foods including flakes, pellets, fish sticks, granules, kibbles, corn, wild bird seeds including sunflower seeds, etc...  Three basic models are available: ASF-1 Aquarium, KSF-2 Koi-Pond and CSF-3 Cat/Small Animal. Appropriate model must be chosen for anticipated application. The Super Feeder® may also be suitable for other types of dry foods not listed here.


Hundreds of Super Feeders have been used in lab experiments and animal research for distribution of dry pelletized material. They have been used for training police dogs and by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture for various applications. A wide variety of animals can be trained with our Super Feeders® using the task-and-reward approach. The Super Feeder is great for aquarium and Koi pond fish feeding as well as hatchery trough feeding.  The most common and popular Super Feeder® application is of course for automated house pet feeding, particularly cats.  It can be used indoors with a dedicated stand and bowl or mounted outdoors with proper protection.  Each feeder's unique electronic system can be activated with just about any common programmable timer or even a computer or home automation system.   Lots of possibilities... For a good source of home automation systems compatible with the Super Feeder®, click on the link below.

Want to see a cool video how a pet can be trained with a Super Feeder"  click on this YouTube video from a past customer (system designed by customer).

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  • Operates with virtually any programmable timer or home automation system to trigger and power your Super Feeder.  You may control your Super Feeder from anywhere with your iPhone with or Wi-Fi plugs we offer.
  • Power jack and aux. input terminal for diverse power sources and timers. Accepts 9 to 24-VAC or DC. Low voltage power adapter included with all models, and comes with six-foot cord for aquarium model and terminal screws for outdoor model
  • Aux. output terminal for interconnecting and triggering multiple feeders or attaching another 12 volts device to run while external timer is on.
  • Low profile main feeder housing only 4-7/8 inches tall with generous ¾-cup capacity if used by itself for aquarium use.  
  • Up to 2¾-cup aquarium model capacity with one included detachable 2-cup clear hopper extension
  • "Basic" outdoor KSF-2 Koi-Pond and CSF-3 Cat/Small-Animal models hold up to over a quart of dry food with two included hopper extensions.
  • Additional stackable polycarbonate hopper extensions available to easily increase capacity. Also, the addition of the 1.5 gallon hopper will increase the feeder's capacity up to 1.8 gallons or 3.3 gallons with two stacked on top of each other.
  • Clear hopper polycarbonate extensions for visual food level (2 cups capacity each).
  • Multiple feeding cycles limited only by programmable remote timer used and ON/OFF settings. Example: 24-hr timer with 15 min. tabs will provide up to 48 daily feeding cycles!
  • Consecutive feeding cycles possible in as little as 3 minute intervals using a digital timer.
  • Overfeed protection system prevents unwanted random feeding cycles if remote timer is "on" during power fluctuations/interruptions.
  • Reset switch for initial portion calibration or additional manual feeding cycles
  • Adjustable internal electronic timer with micro adjustment controller for customized precise food distribution. It can dispense from just a few flakes, pellets or kibbles to a cup or even much more with consecutive cycles. (Not a time-delay system, it drops food required at once for adjusted length of feed cycle.)
  • Adjustable metering gate for specific food type and flow volume control
  • Patented Moisture Trap™ funneling system for reliable flake distribution without clogging (ASF-1 aquarium models only)
  • Simple and effective food extraction system will never jam with pellets or mixed dry foods. Mix all types of dry foods together to make your pets happy!
  • Adjustable non-skid rubber feet for unleveled surfaces (used for aquarium feeding or similar application)
  • Weatherproof design and sun resistant high-impact plastic. This is important for outdoor models!
  • Outdoor KSF-2 Koi-Pond and CSF-3 Cat/Small-Animal models include metal bracket for mounting to 2x4, plastic pipe or metal pole. They could also be hung.
  • Side chute prevents moisture contamination from below along with a shaking slide to help prevent clogging for dependable flake distribution (ASF-1).




  • Dispenses most types of dry pet foods up to 3/8-inch diameter in Outdoor KSF-2 Koi-Pond model and ASF-1 Aquarium.  1/4" spherical kibbles are recommended for best performance and portion accuracy in the CSF-3 Cat/Small-Animal model, although many other types can be used by testing first. Various dry foods can also be mixed together with excellent results!
  • Koi Feeder drops food from bottom side and expelled from a shaking slide that helps scatter the food below at a 45 degree angle (it does not broadcast). Feeder needs to be mounted at edge of pond or hung above water.
  • High-impact Polycarbonate (Lexan®), acrylic and polypropylene plastics with stainless steel hardware. No bite-through, no rust!
  • Powder coated steel mounting bracket, strap and hardware supplied with KSF-2 Koi-Pond and CSF-3 Cat/Small-Animal models for easy mounting to 2x4, 4x4 or pipe.
  • 4.9 inches tall x 3.2 inches wide x 7.2 inches long base model
  • 3.9 inches tall x 3.5 inches long x 3.1 inches wide 2-cup detachable polycarbonate clear hopper extensions (stack on basic machine and each other).
  • 8¼ inches total aquarium feeder height with one hopper extension installed
  • 11¾ inches tall Outdoor KSF-2 Koi-Pond or CSF-3 Cat/Small-Animal feeder with 2 hopper extensions installed
  • 3.4 inches approximate feeder height- increase with each additional hopper extension
  • ¾-Cup basic machine hopper capacity without any clear extensions
  • 2.1 mm jack plug input
  • Bare-wire additional screw terminal strip underneath feeder for power input or output to trigger other feeders simultaneously
  • 9 to 24VAC or 9 to 24VDC input operating voltage range. DO NOT USE HIGHER VOLTAGE!
  • Feeder's own internal programmable timer is adjustable from a split second to approximately 70 seconds of feed time (dispenses food at once for duration of feed time).
  • External timer and supplied low voltage power adapter required as power source to trigger feeder at programmed time(s) of day. You can use lots of different timers! (See Additional Items Required)




  • Remote timer. (Note: If purchasing a "combo deal", an external timer may be included) If purchasing a "basic" package, practically any type of 120VAC or 12 to 24 VDC programmable timer already in your possession will work (DC timer would require a battery). Examples: A 24-hour lamp timer, 7 day digital timer, sprinkler timer, home automation power module, outdoor lights timer/transformer with 12VAC output, etc & Note: If choosing a timer for an outdoor application, most timers are indoor types or must be enclosed, so make sure you follow the manufacturer's recommendation. Standard supplied power adapter with each model is for indoor use only unless you purchase an outdoor type.
  • 16 to 20 gauge 2-conductor wire of suitable length (KSF-2 Koi-Pond feeder)
  • Suitable lumber (2x4 or 4x4 typical) or ¾" to 2-inch plastic or metal pipe for mounting bracket (outdoor KSF-2 Koi-Pond and CSF-3 Cat/Small-Animal feeder only). Note: You may need additional parts/hardware for your particular installation if using a pipe mount.




  • Aquarium: "Basic" package includes 12VDC power adapter with 6ft cord, "Moisture Trap™" funnel, timing adjustment screwdriver, 1 ea. 2-Cup hopper extension with extension and cap locking screws, and operating manual.
  • Outdoor Koi-Pond: "Basic" package includes power adapter with screw terminals, installed chute weather shield (hood), timing adjustment screwdriver, powder coated metal mounting bracket and tie strap with hardware, 2 ea. 2-Cup polycarbonate clear extensions for a total feeder capacity of 4 and ¾ cups, locking screws, and operating manual. The KSF-2XL model includes a 1.5 gallon black hopper (24 cups capacity) to stack on top of the basic KSF-2 Super Feeder.
  • Cat/Small-Animal: "Basic" package includes 12VDC or AC power adapter with 6ft cord, timing adjustment screwdriver, powder coated metal mounting bracket and tie strap with hardware, 2 ea. 2-Cup capacity polycarbonate clear extensions for a total feeder capacity of 4 and ¾ cups, hardware, and operating manual.  The CSF-3XL model includes a 1.5 gallon black hopper (24 cups capacity) to stack on top of the basic CSF-3 Super Feeder.
  • NOTE: Timer included with most COMBO deals. Other items may be included or purchased separately depending on model purchased.  Note:  Timers and power adapters are acquired from another party and are not manufactured by Super-Feed.



Why is the Super Feeder more expensive than some others?

  Although still not the most expensive, we believe you will have purchased the very best and most versatile feeder out there for the following reasons:

 1.   Quality and cost of production: All feeders and associated parts are made in the Dallas Ft. Worth, TX area and sold in TN including electronics to keep and support jobs where they belong.  The only reason we sell timers and power supplies made in China is because those type items are not manufactured in the USA no matter where you purchase them in the USA.

2.      2.  All materials used are  the strongest and highest grade possible for durability and dependability:  Extremely clean Acrylic like used on fish tanks (feeder body), new practically indestructible polycarbonate (chute cover and clear extensions), ABS stand, Nylon, High-grade SAN kitchen dishware dishwasher safe plastic for bowl, polypropylene commonly used for ice cube makers is used for internal baffles which resist cold/heat, twist and is extremely clean limiting bacteria absorption. Stainless steel and powder coat hardware is used throughout. Nothing has been cut back at the expense of quality and durability for the past 20+ years.  We have feeders we still service from time to time that are 20+ years old!

3.      3.  The Super Feeder can be "custom" mounted indoors or outdoors.  It is also weather resistant and can be directly exposed to rain.  An excellent video for assembly and operation is available online!

4.      4.  ALL parts down to the gear box/motor can be readily purchased for customers to repair themselves.  Most repairs are done for under $25 which most likely will consist of only changing the drum and/or slide and gate, which you can replace yourself.  We even have a maintenance video.   If you send it to us for check out/repairs, we do not charge labor.  We only charge for parts and shipping back to you as pre-quoted.

5.      5.  Unlike many sellers, we do not re-stock any used feeders for sale on our stores due to possible contamination and other issues. Please review our policy.

6.      6.  The most vulnerable part of many if not all of our competitors’ feeders is a programmable timer built into the feeder.  Not good because if the timer fails, which most do, the feeder is now rendered useless and must be disposed of in most cases.  With ours, any external timer can be used and easily acquired locally from many department stores.

7.      7.  The Super Feeder can be operated with just about any home automation system on the market including webcam and cell phones.  You may also operate the Super Feeder with our newly offered Wi-Fi Smart Socket.

8.      8.  The Super Feeder can be adjusted to feed infinite size portions, not a pre-sized ¼ or ½ cup like some others do.  It has its own feed adjustment.  It can also feed as many times per day as the external timer has on-off cycles.

9.      9.  The Super Feeder can feed from the smallest food type such as flake food for fish to cat food up to 1/2" diameter.  Please read limitations in regards to food size.

10.   10. Using the patented chute cover and food delivery system, the Super Feeder is probably one of the best if not the best cat proof feeder on the market to help prevent access to food on demand sticking paws into the chute.


Unfortunately, many customers do not fully realize what the Super Feeder is all about just looking at it.  Yes, they are paying for a high-end machine, although not really that exorbitant considering what it is designed to do and compared to many other appliances on the market.   Best of all, it is made in the USA  and you will be able to get parts for it if ever needed rather than having to throw it away and purchase another one.



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All Super Feeders have been thoroughly tested and found to be extremely dependable in providing your pet(s) with timely meals; however, as with any machine, your feeder should be monitored at regular intervals for proper operation. If you anticipate being away for an extended period of time where a lack of food could cause harm or even death to your pet(s), you should make arrangements with someone to inspect your feeder at regular intervals.

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